Some of our Quran Distribution Projects

Quran in European Languages

The aim of this project is to distribute free copies of the Quran among Muslims and Non-Muslims residing in European countries. We need your support to publish and distribute copies of the Quran with Spanish, Portuguese & Albanian translation.

Beacons of the Quran

We aim to target free distribution of translated copies of the Holy Quran among intellectuals, professionals, media
personalities, actors, university teachers etc. This project is a global project and requires many local partner organisations to aid the targeted distribution project

Quran for the Youth

Since the beginning of this project, we have distributed free copies of the Holy Quran with translation among high achieving students in Bangladesh and West Bengal who have secured top marks in high school final exams. We would love to expand this project so that we can offer free Qurans to more students across the world.

Friends of the Quran

To get 1000 ‘Friends of the Quran’ volunteers to distribute 100,000 translated copies of free Quran per year, to be distributed among Muslims in the UK, continental Europe and elsewhere.

Quran for Rohingya Refugees

Most of the Rohingyas coming to Bangladesh came empty handed. This predominantly Muslim population left everything behind including their most beloved spiritual guidance book, the Holy Quran. It is our ambition to ensure that, once the essentials of sustenance, shelter and protection are secured, a copy of the Quran is gifted to each and every Rohingya; It is at times of greatest disaster like this that people try to find refuge and solace in the Creator and His Book.


The Quran LightHouse is a project whereby people are encouraged to take responsibility for free Quran distribution in their own areas and for bringing their neighbours to the light of the Holy Quran. You pledge to raise funds for 2000 copies of the Holy Quran to be distributed in your chosen area. This can be either your own or a collective contribution, and this can be a one off payment or in instalments.

Help us fund these Quran Distribution Projects